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I'm interested in your input on this project I've been working on (well, off and on) for a couple months--a "guide" to follow-up the Wikipedia tutorial. I find most other WP documentation to be too comprehensive and spread out to be of much use early on--it's too hard to find the important info in all the noise. Anyway, I've got 3 pages drafted, and this outline to give an idea of things I think it should or could include starting at User:Niteowlneils/Guide outline. I'd be interested if you think it is clear so far, and is relevant to the intended audience (people who have mastered the topics in the tutorial, but are too new to know Wikipedia standards and quirks (like the case sensitivity), etc.) trying to follow the style of the tutorial; concise coverage of two or three key points per page in 5-10 pages. Also, if you have any suggestions on which of the proposed topics you think should be highest priority to include, or topics I've missed that you've learned that you wish you knew from the start, or things you'd recommend not including, and those sorts of thing.

Potential outline

  • Front page
  • Creating articles
    • Case-sensitivity in titles
    • Ideas on how to verify if the article already exists under a different name than the one being considered
    • From red-links
    • By URL
    • By creating a red link (recommended over URL--helps avoid creating orphans)
  • Article naming conventions
    • Spell it out
    • Lowercase unless it's a proper noun
    • Singular (for the most part)
  • Common conventions
    • Indenting quotes
    • See also
    • External links
    • Headings mostly lowercase
  • Dealing with content problems

Some other, more random, possible topics:

msgs, like stub (could be added as the least problematic end of the spectrum of the invalid content page [which should then be retitled something like 'problematic content'] if no other place is found for it)
info- and taxoboxes
ideas for people that want to edit existing content, more than contribute original info: RC, random page, peer review requests, list of orphans, New Pages etc.
maybe more community-related stuff
featured article candidates, etc.
what/how much to link (I can't write this, as I don't believe I have a good feel for the proper balance yet)
maybe where to report feature requests/bugs
possibly how to create msgs
move, instead of cut and paste

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