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The Bulgarian prince with a penchent for inflating his qualifications has left Wikipedia. Tut, tut. But he has "blanked" his tracks, and his name, but can not erase the damage that he has done to others. Is he afriad that someone, somewhere where he has applied for a tenured position will see his cruelties towards others and the mind games that he played? I am sure that he included puppetry on his resume; like a dog he like to play with socks. I wish him, and each of his personalities well and bon voyage. My prayers for you tonight and every night will be that you find the strength to make amends.Time for Honesty.

"There are those who think that the internet is place where natural selection is reached by destroying the weak for sport. I am not one of those people."

Men are honest, its children that play games. Why does the man-child fear truth? Because puny princes must have their kingdoms. Do they not know that people can see facts, see patterns? The criminal always revisits the scene of their crime to revel in their handiwork. Vandalism is such a crime; a masturbatory exercise that gives the child inside a chance to feel like a man for a moment. I pity these petty cowards. Without facts and truths, life is nothing more than mere existence. To act as a child is to be treated as a child should be treated. Isn't it time to tell yourself the truth? Time For Honesty 13:50, Mar 31, 2005 (UTC)

On August 11, 2004, a low pressure front developed into a typhoon and struck the pacific coast of Asia [1]. What is a typhoon? Similar to what you Americans refer to as a hurricane, a Typhoon is a low pressure front that results in high winds, much rain and damage upon hitting land. Bands of clouds bring rain, while the typhoon center remains oddly quite – almost peaceful. The storm allows its proxies to carry out it wraith of damage while remaining strongly aloof. Yet these bands of wind and rain would not exist if it were not for the extremely low pressure at the heart of the storm. Everywhere around it, chaos, yet there the storm center is, almost placid. Eventually, the typhoon plays itself out. Once it’s gone, the evidence is clear. For moment, something, but really, it was nothing at all. Time For Honesty 00:40, Apr 4, 2005 (UTC)

What are mind games? Games that minds play with one another, a silly idea, no? People play mind games. People also have two choices; they can either hide from the truth or face facts. The immature person hides behind a mask thinking that no one knows who is who on Halloween. In America, one adult simply looks to see which parent walks with Spiderman, or who escorts the Cheshire Cat. The only disguises that work are the ones worn by those who are mystified the easiest. Come now, take off that mask. It blocks your sight and keeps you from seeing what we see. Time For Honesty 01:18, Apr 6, 2005 (UTC)